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Improve your e-procurement solutions

Major retailing companies have their own e-procurement solutions available in store to allow local teams to purchase products and services according to their needs. These tools offer products catalogs managed by central procurement units.
Many of our clients choose to upgrade these tools to take advantage of the latest advances in terms of collaboration and analysis, and to better address the diversity of their purchasing methods and cost control needs.

We support procurement units to manage their digital transformation

We defined a business case and ROI target: framing the issues, performance levers, benchmark needs and solutions, and economic projections.
We supported the choice of solution by specifying the needs in details (functions, processes, workflows, performances, interfaces) and managing the RFQ with potential suppliers.
We established management procedures, supported decision making, and managed the different stakeholders.


organisation levels implemented in workflows


new activities integrated into e-procurement


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Offer and Customer Experience
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Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

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