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Creating the conditions for successful customer-supplier collaborations

In the luxury sector, more than anywhere else, the effectiveness of the collaboration between a supplier and a luxury goods company is a key ingredient in the creation of value: enhancement of creativity, Time-to-Market management and production monitoring. These are valuable long-term relationships, but can sometimes be difficult to manage.

We lead improvement projects to revitalise cooperation between a client and its strategic suppliers

We analysed areas of non-performance and friction in all areas of collaboration: product development, industrialisation, and production.
Through joint workshops, we facilitated the dialogue between the client and supplier teams. We reformulated their technical, industrial and human constraints as well as their requirements and values to find appropriate solutions.
We structured these solutions and implemented them concretely over a fashion season. This allowed us to support the teams until these new practices became routine.


week reduction of TTM


gain of services rate

A new framework

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in other business sectors

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