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Review your logistics set-up to better address demand and beneficiaries’ needs

Our client’s needs are currently changing dramatically. Its operations are conducted in an increasing number of locations, including in many urban areas. Due to the recurrence of natural disasters, some areas need to be supported over the long term.
The project objectives were to review the logistics Master Plan, without increasing costs, in order to better address emergencies and long-term support programs.

We re-design a logistics Master Plan in accordance with organisational limits

We mapped demand considering projections and through the analysis of types of operation, products, volumes, and locations.
We reviewed the current logistics set-up and assessed the total cost of different operations. We built alternative scenarios for the organisation and the infrastructure positioning.
Through collaborative workshops and using a dedicated rating grid, we converged towards a target scenario and validated the infrastructure and organisational works to be implemented.
The outcome was the set up of a regional logistics organisation, in order to optimise the service, while at the same time reducing transport costs.

600 M€

annual budget

90 000

tons distributed

142 M€

logistics costs

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