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3rd BAROMETER of Supply Chain Risks – The Supply Chain and uncertainty

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3rd BAROMETER of Supply Chain Risks – The Supply Chain and uncertainty

COVID-19 has severely disrupted global Supply Chains and the economic recovery is now hampered by shortages and bottlenecks at all levels of value chains and logistic flows.

Now more than ever, the Supply Chain is in the spotlight and the object of all the attention but also, increasingly, of criticism linked to its impact on the environment, society and the economy.

It is one of the core issues for companies, pushing them to regain control of this complex network of interdependencies in which – and thanks to which – they operate and develop their activities. Beyond mitigating the impact of Supply Chain interruptions, risk management is becoming a major lever for competitiveness and differentiation.

It is therefore urgent for companies to gain some insight into how they can accurately assess their vulnerability and strengthen their strategies and control systems. This third edition of KYU’s Supply Chain Risk Barometer, produced in partnership with Arts & Métiers, AMRAE and France Supply Chain, aims to do just that.

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