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Management of the Supply Chain Risk

By extending the value chain across the world with multiple layers of suppliers, sourcing and procurement functions expose their companies to new risks and amplify the existing ones: financial failures, natural disasters, industrial accidents, strikes, etc. Manage the "butterfly effect" is always a challenge and it is the next challenge of the risk managers

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Meet our people

I was particularly drawn to KYU, for its strong entrepreneurial culture, which offers a learning and open environment stimulating initiative-taking for everyone. Innovation and customer commitment are strong values for KYU…

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Business Cases

Improve the multi-channel customer experience

A major European player in specialty retail, which pioneered multi-channel sales, wanted to redesign its remote customer relationship model to better address customer needs and address competition from Internet pure-players. We...

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Business Continuity Plan

In the case of a risk that comes to pass, for instance a warehouse fire before Christmas, the company has to manage a post-crisis situation and do its best to fulfil its commitments. A luxury company wanted help establishing a...

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With its expertise and capacity, Berode supports us on European transformation projects

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