Kyu Kyu

Life at KYU

Proximity, conviviality, top-notch offices…KYU does everything possible to ensure the well-being of its consultants.

Kyu - réunion

What bring us together

Do what you love, love what you do, do it together


Be open-minded

  • Listen to others’ opinions to progress
  • Learn to question yourself


Be creative

  • Adapt to each unique problem
  • Innovate, transpose, circumvent, reconstruct…


Show solidarity

  • Encourage mutual aid in the face of personal or professional difficulties
  • Put the general interest before your own interests


Make it simple

  • Show modesty
  • Consider form, both written and oral, as a sign of courtesy


Be risky, don’t be reckless

  • Don’t be contented with comfortable situations
  • Consider highly questionable situations as opportunities

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