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Adapting industrial policy to market changes in Asia

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Adapting industrial policy to market changes in Asia

 Our customer supplies 80% of its volumes in China, mainly in the Shanghai and Guangzhou regions. It anticipates a significant increase in prices and social risks.

It therefore wishes to review its purchasing and industrial policy in order to target alternatives that optimize the ratio between price level and service reliability.


Main achievements


We redesigned our industrial policy in response to changes in the Textile markets


We carried out an assessment of the current situation, including a projection of demand and capacities by basin and by know-how.

An in-depth market study enabled us to establish a country rating based on criteria such as price, industrial maturity, and risk.

We defined and sized sourcing zones, partner profiles, and plans for the evolution and development of the current panel. Together, these elements constitute the new Purchasing and Industrial policy for this Brand.

We have drawn up operational roadmaps have been developed for each zone to guide the alignment with the target objectives.


Key figures

21 million parts

4 development axes broken down into 15 roadmaps

25 countries and provinces analyzed according to 15 criteria of economic and technical attractiveness

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