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Auditing the CEP (Conseil en évolution professionnelle) service

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Auditing the CEP (Conseil en évolution professionnelle) service

France Compétences is the national authority responsible for financing and regulating professional training and apprenticeships. Its main missions are to finance, regulate and improve the training system.


Created following the entry into force of a 2018 law, one of France Compétences’ prerogatives is to provide the conseil en évolution professionnelle* (career development advice) service for people working in the private sector. To this end, several regional operators have been selected by France Compétences to provide this service.

In accordance with the delegation contract requirements, France Compétences conducts annual audits of these operators. In particular, the aim of these audits is to ensure that the service is accessible and to check the conditions under which it is provided, in order to ensure a consistent quality of service for beneficiaries.

*NB – The Conseil en évolution professionnelle (CEP) is a confidential, personalised public service. Covered at 100%, it is aimed at all employees and self-employed workers who wish to take stock of their professional situation.


Main achievements            

Audit programming (planning, tools, etc.)

Carrying out audits of operators throughout France (mainland and overseas departments and territories)

Analysis of audit data and operational recommendations on market management


Key figures :

50 field visits made to key players in the CEP field

Around one hundred professionals interviewed in 4 months

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