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Optimising the value of your products

The automotive sector is extremely sensitive to the economic performance of each subsystem of a car. For the tier 1 suppliers the operational margin is more driven by cost reduction than anything else. To reach their target they have to optimise the value of their products during the conception to minimise development costs and also engage in re-engineering activities on existing products.

We conduct design to cost approach

We ran workgroups with different focuses on each phase of the project to build a functional, technical and economic framework
We specifically focused on 3 optimisation axes: component standardisation, manufacturing process adaptation to LCC assembling operations and quality level of each solution
Based on this works we then selected the best solutions and built a global model that optimised both the technical-functional compatibility and the ROI level


of diversity reduction

10 M€

overall economy


solutions investigated

Offer and Customer Experience
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Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

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