Business cases

Designing a Lean factory

A car manufacturer decides to transfer part of its bumper assembling and painting activity to an existing location it just acquired close to one of its car assembly lines. He wants to take advantage of this opportunity to design and implement the most efficient factory model.
The Lean approach offers effective tools and methods to organise manufacturing lines and to get operational teams involved in the transformation.

We help you design your factory model

We mapped the extended flow chain from suppliers’ production sites to customer delivery by running Value Stream Mapping workshops in order to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and potential improvements
We defined a new implementation layout with related flows and processes to operate, and optimise stock levels at each step of the production
We outlined the organisation and a Lean management system to efficiently pilot the new manufacturing plant

25 000 m²

of detailed layout with 3D design


less stock


Lean best practices deployed

in other business sectors

in other business sectors

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