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Master major infrastructure projects

Large infrastructure projects require a very high number of actors from the design phase through to the construction phase. Engineering teams are essential to the management of a project as they are responsible for fulfilling the project’s objectives. Managing deadlines is a major challenge. Managing interfaces is a key factor of success.
Lean Engineering focuses on empowerment and value-add, allowing participants to achieve ambitious targets in terms of the reduction of overall delay, from feasibility studies to transfers to the operator. It deeply changes the company culture.

We deploy Lean Engineering

Identifying benchmarks is the first step when building Lean Engineering. Once established, we are able to structure a project organisation model and give the key actors a high level of responsibility.
We have built a project management framework adapted to our customers’ specific projects with concrete Lean practices such as Obeya, Set based, PDCA…
We have supported the changes by implementing these tools and practices on pilot projects and with an important training programme for stakeholders.

20% to 30%

of cycle time reduction


pilot projects


people trained

in other business sectors

in other business sectors

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