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Integrating the planning, from markets to active ingredients plants

In a context of tension on capabilities and cost control, our client faces difficulties in Chemical production. Fluctuations in demand are increasing and are disconnected from markets’ actual needs. This results in a deterioration of service rates, managed by the client through high levels of stock.
A planning frameworks overhaul is necessary to correct these issues.

We deploy and prepare an integrated S&OP

We performed a deep analysis of S&OP tools and practices. One of our main findings concerned the lack of integration between markets and production, with a disconnect between their perspectives (strategic, tactical, operational).
We built a process for planning and Information Systems blueprint to gain visibility and facilitate the arbitration of production.
We developed a functional Chemical demand planning tool. An industrial site served as a pilot for its operational implementation. This helped to meet the short-term needs and to develop a more permanent solution based on the experience of the operational teams.

6 months

extra visibility on demand


unified tool


potential decrease in stocks

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