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Exploiting the full potential of after-sales service

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Exploiting the full potential of after-sales service

The after-sales experience is a key driver of customer satisfaction, in terms of differentiation, loyalty and customer recruitment. It is also an opportunity to be seized, in a context of changing customer behavior and the refusal of programmed obsolescence.


Main achievements


Diagnosis of current service levels, conducted through analysis of customer feedback and benchmarking against best practices…

Definition of customer paths, cost/revenue evolution scenarios, integration of innovative new services…

Organizational review, analysis of flow/process/systems impact, selection, and implementation of new tools and technologies…

Training and communication plan, introduction of new front and back office tools, pilots and roadmaps…

Overhaul of after-sales policy and operational flows on a worldwide retail network.


Key figures :


Re-engineering the after-sales service

Consistency and simplification of the offer, design of a price/time target and decision file at Group level

5 product universes scanned


Construction of operational system

Selection of partners, contracting of service levels, and development of an action plan to fulfill customer promises

+50% readability of after-sales service offer


Preparation of a pilot program and project follow-up

Training engineering for sales network and back office, handling of sensitive communication, deployment of retail tools

50 points of sale eployed over 1 half-year

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