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Managing an insurance tender

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Managing an insurance tender

Changes in a company’s risk profile due to international expansion, new acquisitions, new business lines, or increased external threats such as cyber or climatic risks, mean that insurance policies need to be reviewed regularly to ensure that coverage requirements, insurance solutions and costs are consistent.

Faced with these challenges, our customer wanted to be supported by a broker who could place his risk at the best conditions, enable him to benefit from a reinforced pooling effect by deploying extensive international programs, and provide him with a service tailored to his needs. To achieve this, we challenged existing insurance solutions by launching a “conceptual” call for tenders to optimize the total cost of risk (TCOR) by adapting cover, retention levels, limits/sub-limits and insurance premium amounts in line with business trends and market offerings.


Main achievements


Call for tenders from insurance brokers


The first phase of our work involved drawing up an analysis of the existing situation, and a consultation file presenting in detail the entire scope of business to be covered, the risks, organization and processes in place, as well as expectations in terms of services.

We guided this call for tenders to enable the selected brokers to draw up an offer tailored to their needs (presentation of the file, answering questions, etc.). We carried out the comparative analyses and negotiations, leading to the contractualization of fixed-price services associated with performance commitments.

In order to secure the transition and ensure that objectives were met, our teams supported the implementation of the new system: development of the transition plan, measurement of achievements, support for placement, evaluation of KPIs, etc.


Key figures :

2 international programs deployed and 1 program challenged

10% reduction in transfer costs in a tight market

Implementation of service quality KPIs (30% of broker remuneration)

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