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Managing supply chain risks

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Managing supply chain risks

Supply chain risks are extremely critical for automotive manufacturers. They often face  shortages of key components following a fire at a tier 3 supplier, a lack of capacity in a supply basin, or the blocking of a key logistics axis.

Our customer, a leading player in the automotive industry, wanted to assess the natural and industrial risks at its suppliers’ sites to guide its purchasing strategy and improve the prevention of operating losses.


Main achievements


Supply Chain risk mapping


We defined a methodology for assessing the criticality of supplier risks, considering their level of exposure based on their activities and potential impact on our customer’s business.

We mapped the supply chain, locating and characterizing supplier sites in terms of natural disasters and fire risks.

We collected and assessed the sites’ risk prevention elements in order to identify the most critical sites and the actions to be taken to improve their prevention.


Key figures :

1 Assessment framework

+500 suppliers mapped (+2500 production sites)

+100 high-risk sites identified