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Mapping qualifications leading to agricultural jobs

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Mapping qualifications leading to agricultural jobs

The September 2018 professional training reform notably aimed at making qualification and professional training offers more visible and legible, and to create better-paved career development and mobility pathways.


The mapping of agricultural qualifications and training offers in the agricultural sectors covered by OCAPIAT (the public institution in charge of professional training), entrusted to the KYU consultancy, aimed at drawing up a complete inventory of the initial and professional training offers. The aim was also to analyse the adequacy and consistency of the vocational training/certification system with the skills needs of agricultural businesses and farms, with a view to making recommendations for changes where necessary.


Main achievements            


Identification of the list of qualifications leading to jobs in agriculture (land/sea farming, landscaping and management of natural areas, business services), based on public data.

Linking identified qualifications with the relevant jobs

Territorial inventory of qualifications

Creation of an interactive map of qualifications in PowerBi format (with different available filters: region, department, branch, occupation, qualification, etc.).


Key figures :

150 jobs in the perimeter

500 equivalent qualifications

5,000 training centres identified

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