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Mapping supply chains

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Mapping supply chains

Against a backdrop of severe market tensions concerning supply chains, our customers are seeking to build an exhaustive map of their own supply chains, beyond their tier 1 suppliers. Having control over their entire supply chains is essential for our customers as they strive to transition towards a more socially and environmentally responsible model.

This mapping encompasses a diverse array of product categories sourced from various geographical regions. Constructing this map involves collaborative efforts with operational departments. It combines a tactical vision with meticulous documentary analysis, encompassing value chains, players, risk frameworks, applicable standards and certifications, as well as contentious issues.

In particular, an understanding of the risk universe specific to each sector, coupled with the identification of responsible transformation opportunities, has enabled us to build specific action plans, co-opted at top management level. Because of their criticality, some sectors have been given special support to set action plans in motion and get their partners on board.


Support and main achievements


Our consultants have deployed their know-how in value chain analysis and their expertise in responsible sourcing models.

– Value chain mapping.

– Ecosystem analysis: key figures, players, development factors.

– Interviews with manufacturers and partners.

– Identification and qualification of risks/opportunities.

– Development of recommendations and trajectories.

– Initiation and support of pilot projects.


Key figures :

100+ purchasing families mapped

50+ product departments involved

200+ documentary sources analyzed

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