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Studying skills needs at the crossroads of two sectors

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Studying skills needs at the crossroads of two sectors

As part of the EDEC (Engagement de Développement de l’Emploi et des Compétences) framework agreement dedicated to the automotive industry, a forward-looking study was launched on jobs and professions in power electronics. Its aim was to provide visibility on future developments in jobs and skills requirements within the industry and in light of the evolution of the energy mix in France, in order to inform career and training policies .


Main achievements :


Examination of employment and training issues at the crossroads of several sectors and technologies

Analysis of the impact of major changes on behaviors, uses and professions.

Identification of cross-cutting issues between the sectors concerned.

Proposals for action, discussed collectively.


Key figures :

100% of motor vehicles will use power electronics by 2030

2.5 billion in sales linked to power electronics in the automotive industry in 2030

8.5 million electrified vehicles to be serviced in 2030

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