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Assessing the impact of the health crisis on jobs and skills in local shops

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Assessing the impact of the health crisis on jobs and skills in local shops

With the end of the health crisis in sight, 13 professional branches in the local retail sector, with the support of OPCO EP (the institution in charge of professional training in this sector), wanted advice on how to help their businesses and employees manage the recovery period. They also wanted to understand how their businesses had been affected by changes in consumer behaviour, and what their employees’ expectations and needs were in this context.

From a more global perspective, the analyses by sector provided an opportunity to highlight the cross-sectoral issues that may or may not have arisen as a result of the health crisis: crisis and post-crisis management, use of digital technology in local retailing, customer relations, etc.


Main achievements            

  • Around a hundred interviews with company directors and employees
  • A online survey of companies analysing the impact of the crisis and the key recovery issues in each branch
  • Reports for each branch, with recommendations on how to support employees and companies
  • 1 cross-sector report on joint initiatives that may be taken to address common issues
  • 1 specific report on local food retailing and 1 specific report on local B2B and B2C activities


Key figures :

More than 200 local businesses surveyed and involved in the initiative

1 million jobs whose short-term future has been assessed

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