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Carry out a forward-looking study of the shipbuilding industry market

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Carry out a forward-looking study of the shipbuilding industry market

The Observatoire de la Métallurgie wanted to identify the main factors of change affecting the shipbuilding sector and analyse their impact in terms of jobs and skills. Faced with competitive dynamics that vary from one market to another, the sector needs to adapt and respond to a number of challenges, such as improving its attractiveness, training in the skills of the future and securing the naval industrial base in France.


Main achievements   

Production of a quantitative and qualitative inventory of the naval sector in France

Updating and analysis of the trends that are shaping the sector today and will have a major impact on it tomorrow

Identification and analysis of companies’ needs in terms of recruitment, training and skills

Identification of new professions

Analysis of gaps between training provision and demand

Definition of courses of action for the development and enhancement of skills, as well as the attractiveness of the sector.


Shipbuilding in figures

5 billion in sales, with nearly 18,000 employees

50% of workforce dedicated to manufacturing

7 employment areas in France

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