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Building a responsible leather industry

Consulting Substainable Transformation
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Building a responsible leather industry

The signing of the Fashion Pact in July 2019 has accelerated the transformation plans of various stakeholders within the industry. Our challenge is to move from high-level commitments with targets set for 2025-2030 to actionable and concrete operational roadmaps.

Against this backdrop, our client asked us to support its panel of sheep and cattle tanners, to raise awareness about CSR transformation, enhance existing initiatives, develop an operational CSR reporting model, and translate the resources required for transformation into a 3-year CAPEX/OPEX financial plan.


Main achievements


We mobilized a taskforce in the field, at each site, to involve partners in the approach to engage them with their operational realities and implementation conditions. In just 4 months, this very concrete approach enabled us to converge on a roadmap and workstreams focusing on the energy performance of infrastructures, alternative chrome-free or metal-free tanning processes, traceability systems and certification plans to LWG and ICEC standards. A specific reporting model has been built, to integrate CSR transformation into the management of entities, alongside operational and financial performance.


Key figures:

5 European partners involved in the approach

1 operational CSR reporting model defined and piloted: environmental (water, energy, chemical inputs, waste), procurement (sourcing and traceability) and social (parity, seniority, salary protection) aspects.

1 consolidated 5-year financial plan

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