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Deploying a recyclability program

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Deploying a recyclability program

The entry into force of the AGEC law in France (Antigaspillage et Economie Circulaire) has had a major impact on the textile eco-system, prohibiting the destruction of unsold and obsolete products by the end of 2021. This regulatory change, coupled with the emergence of more responsible, more circular fashion, is a strong gas pedal for principals and Marketers.

Our customer aims to develop a comprehensive recyclability program that integrates reuse, recycling, and material recovery across its entire value chain and fashion products.


Main achievements


Drawing on our expertise and monitoring of market partners and technologies, we supported the mapping of end-of-life products and characterized the sources to be recycled, in terms of internal and external outlets, using a downcycling/upcycling approach.

We assisted our customer in setting up the operational aspects of the reverse supply chain, including sizing, flow management, and establishing a dedicated organization for this new circular economy initiative.

We also worked on building the overall program, to structure the various workstreams and their action plans, support decision-making by clarifying scenarios based on environmental and economic gains, and communicate the results of the 1st pilots.


Key figures :

1 market study and benchmark of players and technologies in the European textiles and fashion accessories recycling market

3 families scanned, based on products (post-consumer) and materials (pre-consumer) to be recycled

1 recyclability program initiated and piloted

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