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Carry out a forward-looking analysis of changes in the mobility professions

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Carry out a forward-looking analysis of changes in the mobility professions

In an environment where digital technology and the ecological transition are completely overturning the transport of goods and people, the aim was to assess the consequences of these long-term changes for the professions in a dozen or so professional branches. The idea was also to analyse how to adapt both initial and professional training to adapt to those transformations.


Main achievements            


Prospective study carried out on a dozen or so professional sectors with a time horizon set on 2025 and 2030

Assessment of the consequences of the changes underway for each major business line (driving, maintenance, sales, logistics, etc.)

Survey and interviews with companies in the sector

Modelling of several development scenarios in terms of workforce requirements

Identification of recruitment needs and of the professions weakened by these changes.


Key figures :

2,000 companies involved in the exercise

1 million jobs whose future has been assessed

Main recruitment and retraining needs identified over the next 5 to 10 years


Following this project, 4 of the main professional sectors asked us to carry out a more detailed analysis of the direct consequences of the COVID 19 health crisis on their activities and jobs.

Each professional sector used the conclusions to draw up an action plan to meet the challenges highlighted by the prospective study.

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