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Building a Business Continuity Plan

In the case of a risk that comes to pass, for instance a warehouse fire before Christmas, the company has to manage a post-crisis situation and do its best to fulfil its commitments.
A luxury company wanted help establishing a BCP for its most critical activities.

We develop a methodology to define a BCP under which each activity can be established and followed independently

We formalised a 4-phase methodology: identification of activities and risks, identification of continuity scenarios, implementation of the BCP, test and monitoring of the plan.
The approach was tested on one specific activity and was then applied to others using short workshops. This approach enables us to ask the right questions, and to make choices in terms of people, resources and data security. Even if the approach is the only applicable response to a particular major crisis, it may also be helpful in the case of smaller concern.

Risk Management
in other business sectors

Risk Management
in other business sectors

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