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Outline the professions and skills in your sector to better understand them

An economic sector with over 10,000 companies and almost 60,000 employees wanted to update its job description reference file to identify the most common professions in each sub-sector and describe them: required skills and degrees, responsibilities, emerging professions…This also helped develop a skills database which served as a common basis for the evaluation of professional mobility.

We help you promote your professions through adequate and appealing job descriptions

We  indexed professions, skills, and training through an substantial documentary analysis reinforced by more than 75 interviews with professionals from different sub-sectors in the industry. We then mapped the sub-sector and its professions.
All sector and profession descriptions are based on a specific skills index with standardised wording, which we set up to define a common platform across all sectors.
Finally, we built a statistical estimation model allowing each sub-sector to evaluate, using public data, the number of companies and of employees in that sub-sector.


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