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Supporting the emergence of an innovative offer

Car manufacturers are facing a major revolution with on-board connectivity. The success of their new vehicles depends on their ability to offer connected services and their innovative business models to support those services.
These new services which combine hardware systems, advanced software, mobile connectivity, user-friendly interfaces, application stores… require pioneering development and sales approaches. Partnerships have to be developed with new participants which are unfamiliar with the sector’s practices.

We build business models for your innovative offers

We structured a development partnership between a car manufacturer and a telecoms operator, requiring significant interaction between the two parties
We then identified the target audience, considering consumer expectations, network coverage, specific content creation, roaming costs…
We built the business model based on several metrics such as subscription rate, renewal hypothesis, cost evaluation and income sources which allowed us to test different scenarios and decide whether to launch


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of Operating Results within 5 years

Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

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