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Defining and deploying on-site crisis management plans

Industrial manufacturing plants of tier 1 automotive suppliers are at the heart of a tense Supply Chain where any break could create considerable costs.
In such a context, the ability to manage a crisis due to a climate disaster, a human error, or an external cyber attack, for example, is key to a business’ resilience.

We design your crisis management system

We assessed the maturity of the organisations, processes and guidelines on crisis management within a selection of industrial plants in different locations and then identified local best practices
We structured a crisis management system by setting out the global policy, standard organisations, and operating modes in compliance with local norms and guidelines
We designed and launched a specific online platform and tool to monitor its implementation, deployment, and support the communication, training, and animation of local teams in charge


Crisis Management System for 29 countries


production sites across the world


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Risk Management
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Risk Management
in other business sectors

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