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Adapting your industrial policy to the changes in Asian markets

Our client buys 80% of its supplies in China, mainly in the regions of Shanghai and Guangzhou. The company anticipates a significant increase in prices and social risks.
The objective was to review its Procurement and Industrial policy to target alternatives that optimise the ratio between price level and service reliability.

We help you redesign your industrial policy in response to changes in the textile market

We conducted a deep analysis of the situation, focusing especially on a projection of the demand and capacity for each geographical area and expertise.
A thorough market study allowed us to establish a rating of countries according to criteria such as price, industrial maturity, and risk.
We defined and sized sourcing areas, partners profiles, and an evolution and development plan for the current panel. All of these elements went into the new Procurement and Industrial policy of the company.
We built operational road maps for each area to pilot and monitor the process, in order to meet initial objectives.

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