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Adapting your logistics Master Plan to support growth

Our client has a fast-growing business in Eastern Europe and operates with Business Units each with different levels of logistics maturity.
The group wishes to investigate the value of mutualising logistical practices or tools to more efficiently support this market development. The logistics capacity would guarantee, in particular, access to a larger and more competitive product-range from large-scale importers.

We build logistics scenarios to support you in the choice and promotion of the most relevant scheme

To promote a pragmatic analysis, we mapped the physical flows and management methods, as well as demand projections.
We then clarified and economically modelled the opportunities to mutualise throughout the value chain, from suppliers to stores.
Working in collaboration with the Business Units, we designed evolution scenarios and assessed their impact on cost, growth, and organisational set-up. This project resulted in the self-empowerment of our client’s teams.


growth of 6 BUs, leading to a turnover of 3,2 Bn€


opportunities analysed through 5 scenarios

2,5 M€

of logistics gains per year identified

in other business sectors

in other business sectors

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