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Reducing your transport-related risks

An increase in transport-related incidents / accidents impacts the company’s results, in terms of both direct and indirect costs (loss of market share, deterioration of image…)
Detailed mapping of the organisation, practices and flows enables us to establish prevention devices to reduce the probability of transport-related risks occurring.

We map your transport-related risks

We audited 8 Business Units, interviewed more than 45 people in Purchasing, Logistics and Sales functions and questioned 60 Business Units in 35 countries to map flows and analyse practices.
We formalised a Group chartering policy and defined new management rules for marine transportation.
We held a tender process to implement an insurance policy at the Group level, covering the liability of the charterer.


centralised organisation for marine chartering


chartering policy deployed


Charterer's insurance put in place

Risk Management
in other business sectors

Risk Management
in other business sectors

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