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Supporting the emergence of a new diversification offer

Connected devices are a major opportunity for Electronics and Telecoms actors, through applications, services and the data exchanges that they generate. To make the most of this opportunity, diversification and collaboration strategies must be deployed.
We supported a Telecoms operator in partnership with a car manufacturer to develop a new range of on-board connected services as well as the associated collaborative approaches.

We support you in developing new offers in partnership

We supported the drafting of framing and development contracts between two partners.
Our project management assistance focused on structuring and managing each activity, team organisation, coaching managers, and on the preparation and running of Steering Committees to achieve the main trade-offs.
We analysed the different modules of the offer and the subject matter of the connected applications: news, travel, games, car diagnostics…
A Quality project approach – Project Management Plan, schedule and risk management, reporting… allowed the client to control results, means and deadlines.




months for the planning phase


people in the dedicated organization

Offer and Customer Experience
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Offer and Customer Experience
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