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Optimise your credit insurance program

In a difficult economic climate and with a growing number of operations in countries with high political risk, companies increasingly expose their profitability to the risk of client default.
The launch of a “conceptual” tender enables us to challenge existing credit insurance programmes, to improve the insurance policy coverage, and to reduce the total cost of risk.

We facilitate the tender process for your credit insurance program

We conducted a detailed mapping of the client’s needs: customer profiles, sales policies, existing insurance policies, maturity of Credit Management organisations…
A tender process enabled us to select a single provider and negotiate a service contract with variable remuneration based on KPIs.
An international programme (Trade Credit and Single Risk) was deployed throughout the Group.


countries concerned


savings on the program cost

10 Bn€

of turnover insured

Risk Management
in other business sectors

Risk Management
in other business sectors

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