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Optimising Time-to-Market developments of new drugs

Large pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking to optimise their development time. Even more so now that therapeutic areas are focusing more and more on niche markets, where Time-to-Market is a decisive factor.
There are inherent barriers to Time-to-Market optimisation: multiple upstream studies, administrative procedures, and industrialisation. Nonetheless, it is important to focus on managing issues which result from having parts of a business which are often geographically isolated from one another.

We deploy digital OBEYA rooms

We structured a Lean deployment Group approach to new drugs development projects.
We trained project managers and their teams in the principles and techniques of visual management through the OBEYA room.
We supported pilot projects in defining their own visual management tools, procedural guidelines and how to digitalise them.


pilot projects deployed in 3 months


key panels to drive a development


decrease in exchanges (emails, meetings, presentations)

in other business sectors

in other business sectors

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