Business cases

Sustainably securing capabilities and luxury expertise

The luxury leather goods market is tense. Capacities at the right level of expertise are limited and the main market participants seek to pre-empt them. In this finely-balanced context, our client envisages strong growth that it wants to secure.
The objective is to build an industrial plan to create and balance the most appropriate models for the development of our client’s capabilities.

We develop scenarios for a new industrial plan

We conducted a study of the French and Italian leather goods markets: structure, constraints, actors, expertise, skills, capabilities, and relationships with key prime contractors.
We identified and evaluated different business models, from total in-house production to complete outsourcing, analysing the financial impact for each.
We carried out a demand projection and assessed each scenario to design business targets and an associated implementation roadmap.


growth over 5 years


leather goods market participants scanned in Europe

500 000

pieces of potential additional capacity

in other business sectors

in other business sectors

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