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Reducing the design costs of stores

With strong growth of its network, our client questioned its practices and project related costs for the design and construction of a new store.

We help you create a program to improve the management of renovation projects and store design

Reference projects were analysed, benchmarked, and quantified by construction economists. From this analysis, 3 work streams were pursued.
Pilot projects were then carried out, trialling tender processes, finishing and furnishing.
A value analysis of the store concept was conducted in collaboration with the architect company: more than 10 redesign sites were identified, adding between 5% and 25% value depending on the lot.
The project management framework was reviewed to integrate the following two approaches: a project procurement approach and a more systematic value analysis approach.


cost reduction on pilot projects


priority projects as a result of value analysis


areas in the world characterised by their cost drivers

Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

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