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Identifying your company’s risks

The company’s risk profile, as well as the efficiency of its detection and prevention schemes, evolve according to the company size, geographical footprint, external environment ,and the diversification of its activities.
Risk mapping enables companies to take these evolutions into account to identify key mitigation actions and adapt the risk management system. It can also provide investors with better visibility on the company’s major risks and forms the basis for compliance with the recommendations of regulators.

We build your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system

We defined a risk management strategy, elaborated the risk register, and structured the annual risk review process.
Our teams conducted an annual risk review by interviewing the management of each activity.
We also structured an overall risk management system in order to ensure continuous deployment: risk committee, corporate governance rules, regulatory communication,…




risks identified


mitigation action-plans

Risk Management
in other business sectors

Risk Management
in other business sectors

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