Business cases

Reducing your Time-to-Market to better follow fast-moving trends

Our client, a distributor in the clothing sector, operates a strategy with products conceived and developed in-house. Their attractiveness is above all based on value for money.
To be more competitive, the company wanted to develop an on-trend offer driven by reduced Time-to-Market. The objective was to build the target business and the organisation to implement it.

We structure and test a fast fashion offer

We built a business target: types of products, volumes, price positioning, Time-to-Market, implementation planning…
We built the organisation to implement it: anticipatory mechanisms, evolutions of professions and skills, elimination of non-value added tasks, changes in processes and tools, sourcing of relevant suppliers…
The implementation of the system on a perimeter test with 3 implementation steps clearly demonstrated the efficiency of the model.
After a ramp-up phase, we proposed organisational changes to ease the management of teams and combine Time-to-Market differentiated offers.

800 M€

turnover for 650 stores


months between idea and implementation

4 and 12

weeks of Time-to-Market obtained

Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

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