Business cases

Professionalising the planning and control of upstream transport

Our client experienced transportation difficulties when dealing with large imports. Considerable energy was spent by the teams leading to costs increasing, and service rates and deadlines not being met.
The company wanted to review its planning and project management processes, but also planned to adopt a new Information System tool.

We functionally defined the evolution of Supply Chain Tools, from the planning to the tracking of flows

We structured and led multidisciplinary working groups on supply and planning issues, steering and tracking difficulties, administrative and customs management, and supplier interfaces.
We globally re-engineered, shared processes, and built different scenarios showing the evolution of the tools.
We facilitated the decision-making process to prioritise functional bricks. We developed detailed functional specifications related to the selected scenario.

37 million

transported items, 20 000 order lines over 1 year

800 k€ / year

gain through transport optimisation

3,5 M€

in potential annual savings thanks to service rate management

in other business sectors

in other business sectors

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