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Exploiting the potential of Value Analysis on small batches

Design-to-Cost is generally deployed on components, products and equipment manufactured in large batches. There is also an opportunity in deploying a Value Analysis approach on small batches, for instance in the pharmaceutical or health sectors.
We supported a major stakeholder specialising in optical-lens manufacturing to develop a new machine based on an existing prototype.

We conduct Value Analysis projects

We implemented and facilitated workshops with key stakeholders. We also conducted optimisation through a functional subdivision crossed with technical subsets.
At the end of this first step, we identified opportunities and evaluated them to build scenarios qualified in terms of risks.
We set out, for each scenario, an implementation plan that has allowed the company to take the necessary decisions.


gain opportunities assessed

10 to 30%

gain according to the scenario


user laboratories impacted

Offer and Customer Experience
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Offer and Customer Experience
in other business sectors

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