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Defining career paths in the services sector

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Defining career paths in the services sector

Companies in the services sector have significant recruitment needs, and are faced with three HR issues: integrating new employees, helping those without qualifications adapt to the market, and developing career opportunities, both vertically and horizontally. In this context, the services sector branch commissioned us to identify new career mobility opportunities and training pathways.


Main achievements:

Analysis of existing jobs in the sector and how they are evolving

Identification of required qualifications and the skills to acquire or reinforce to support career development

Identification of existing qualifications and analysis of how they match the needs of professionals

Development of training pathways, from induction to professional development

Proposal of a certification strategy to fill identified gaps

Suggestion of complementary pathways to promote career mobility


Key figures

20 professions for which training pathways have been defined

More than 180 qualifications identified

More than 35 professionals (company directors & employees) involved

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