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Deploying a product risk prevention framework

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Deploying a product risk prevention framework

The risks associated with the failure of a product or service can be are very significant for a company, both in terms of direct costs (litigation, commercial gestures, etc.) and indirect impacts (loss of market share or brand image, legal action, increased insurance premiums, etc.).


Our customer, a world leader in the construction sector with several thousand units worldwide and a very wide range of activities, has faced significant claims and wanted to implement a preventive approach to reduce the frequency and cost of product failures.


Main achievements


Development of a prevention framework and field assessments

We worked with some of the Group’s business lines to map product risks and define the Group’s risk universe.

On this basis, we built a unique 4-level prevention reference framework, covering each stage of the product life cycle and as many possible origins of a product failure.

Our consultants then carried out assessments across all the Group’s activities and worldwide with working closely with all stakeholders in the marketing, purchasing, production, logistics and, of course, quality functions, in order to put forward recommendations that were translated into operational improvement plans.


Key figures :

1 unique prevention reference framework

20 audits carried out per year

+ over 500 improvement actions