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Design and deploy an insurance management information system (IMIS)

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Design and deploy an insurance management information system (IMIS)

An insurance management information system has become a necessity for Risk Managers. This type of tool can be used to improve visibility of insurance cover, streamline processes for declaring and monitoring claims and values to be insured, coordinate all internal (central teams, insurance correspondents, operational staff, etc.) and external (brokers, insurers) stakeholders, and provide relevant reporting and indicators.


A leader in the field of multi-technical services and present in 40 countries, our customer wanted to select and deploy an IRMS with the initial objective of increasing visibility over all policies underwritten within its Group, facilitating claims management and monitoring, and improving communication between internal and external stakeholders.

We supported our customer throughout all the stages of this major project: definition of specifications and organization of a call for tenders to select a solution capable of managing heterogeneous and highly specific requirements; drafting of detailed functional specifications for each of the desired functionalities (policy management, claims management, management of values to be insured); project management assistance in agile mode, in collaboration with the developers of the selected solution; deployment of the tool; change management with insurance correspondents and external stakeholders.

Put into production 1 year ago and constantly improved since then, the tool deployed has made it possible to standardize, centralize and make insurance data accessible, and to gain in productivity by standardizing and streamlining data entry processes. It helps to improve the company’s risk management by providing teams with reliable data, enabling them to concentrate on value-added tasks.

The result is disruptive in the insurance market, and we are proud to have been able to support our customer from start to finish, and to continue to contribute to his thinking on future improvements!


Key figures

+100 users in France and abroad

+2,000 historical claims integrated into the tool

+100 policies managed in the tool by 2021

+50 new claims declared and managed in the tool in the last 1 year.

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