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Designing a Customer Experience program

Business Cases
Designing a Customer Experience program

In a world where every detail counts and where customer expectations are evolving – digitalization, simplification, exclusivity – the luxury house wants to enhance its customer experience, by targeting new, high value-added services around its product universe. In particular, the aim is to enrich a seamless customer relationship between the digital and retail networks.


Main achievements


An initial scoping exercise was conducted to translate the previously launched initiatives into a program perspective, based on key customer issues and Brand priorities. Working alongside the Customer Relations and Product Departments, and interfaced with the International Departments, we structured the program’s ad ‘hoc governance and formalized the key project deliverables: work & organization breakdown, operational, financial and IS impact analysis, business case, global and detailed planning by sub-scheme, etc., as well as presentation materials.

At the same time, a benchmark was carried out with innovative players in customer relations, in order to feed the exercise of redesigning certain after-sales paths in particular. We reconstructed the current customer journeys and analyzed market and customer insights to conduct a gap analysis.

We also carried out a market study on “digital safes” for products, in order to share the state of the art in authentication and lifecycle management technologies, and to plan their integration into current customer touchpoints: application, website, in-store customer account, etc. On these emerging themes, we led business & IS taskforces on the customer-product-service vision, in order to build a coherent roadmap and position the first milestones.


Key figures :

1 benchmark of 360° after-sales service customer paths

1 market study on product authentication and traceability technologies

1 structured and managed customer experience program

Communication materials and program deliverables at executive level

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