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Leading sales teams for a product launch

Business Cases
Leading sales teams for a product launch

Leading sales teams for a product launch

To adapt to regulatory changes in favor of the environment, our customer – a French giant in building materials – has worked with its industrial partners to develop its offering by launching an innovative new insulation product.

The single-family home and multi-family housing market it targets is governed by a complex ecosystem of contributors and specifiers with diverse backgrounds and origins.. The aim of our customer and the partners who have adopted this technology was to convert these players by developing an effective multi-target sales strategy.


Main achievements


We created a system to support sales representatives in their efforts to conquer the market, using the iOBEYA tool


To boost the marketing of this product, we implemented a three-stage steering methodology, coordinated by the iOBEYA tool. A digital OBEYA room was set up to facilitate collaboration among field sales and customer support staff, allowing them to share relevant information, best practices, and jointly manage an action plan in a war-room mode.

The identification of opportunities was facilitated by technology developed by a startup, which consolidated relevant information gathered in the field from building permits and site signs.

Qualification of the opportunities led to the development of a concrete and effective battle plan to maximize the chances of conversion for each opportunity, based on the results of the monitoring of the deal process through to signature, and feedback from sales staff.

An action plan has been deployed in several regions to optimize the impact and thus get this new technology adopted by the greatest number of prescribers.


Key figures

Results from the first year

25 sales and customer support staff involved

Over 600,000 products sold

More than 300 jobs won

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