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Improving Supply Chain Performance Management

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Improving Supply Chain Performance Management

Our customer, a major international group in the Aerospace and Defense sector, is looking to improve the performance management of its supplier Supply Chain through the implementation of key indicators for all its production activities.

The aim is to gain a dynamic view of suppliers’ logistics and quality performance, so as to be able to challenge them by integrating this dimension into the measurement of their competitiveness, and to help suppliers in difficulty by providing them with operational support.


Main achievements


Development of a Supply Chain performance management tool using PowerBI

Our consultants began by identifying the needs of operational Supply Chain managers and Operations directors from over 30 entities worldwide.

We then drew up a functional specification and launched the development of a POC in PowerBI to test the data collection and report publication process with users.

Finally, we developed the solution in Agile mode in our client’s secure application environment, making it accessible to all interested Supply Chain stakeholders.


Key figures :

80 operational staff members and suppliers involved

+ More than 50 axes of analysis parameterized

1 single tool to manage over 2000 suppliers from 30 entities


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