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KYU – 5th Supply Chain Risk Barometer – The Supply Chain in a fragmented world

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KYU – 5th Supply Chain Risk Barometer – The Supply Chain in a fragmented world

Now that the Covid crisis and its effects have faded, the world has entered a phase of geopolitical instability marked by the multiplication of regional conflicts in key zones of world trade, against a backdrop of rivalry between the United States and China.

To secure their supplies in this context, international companies are moving from a globalized Supply Chain to an increasingly regionalized model. On a large scale, this trend is contributing to the fragmentation of the world, cost inflation, and the weakening of emerging countries.

For companies, the equation is quite complex to solve as they also have to deal with increasingly stringent regulations concerning the human and environmental impacts of their activities and adapt their Supply Chain which are largely dependent on zones that are particularly sensitive to the consequences of global warming.

This 5th edition of the KYU Supply Chain Risk Barometer carried out in partnership with Arts & Métiers, France Supply Chain, and AMRAE, is an opportunity to take the pulse of the Supply Chain, measure the evolution of the risks to which it is exposed, assess the maturity of organizations to face new challenges and identify and share trends and best practices.

5th Supply Chain Risk Barometer