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Managing your Supply Chain Risks

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Managing your Supply Chain Risks

The industrial risk of suppliers to the automotive sector is a major issue for carmakers and first-tier equipment manufacturers. The prolonged shutdown of a site belonging to a small tier n supplier can have very serious consequences for the entire supply chain, even stopping the assembly lines of several manufacturers simultaneously.

Our customer had to deal with this type of situation, which led it to conclude that it was necessary to have better visibility of its suppliers’ exposure, particularly with regard to the risk of fire and natural disasters.


Main achievements


Assessment of supplier risks and interdependencies

We worked with the Purchasing and Risk Departments to define and deploy a methodology for identifying production sites, assessing their exposure and mapping interdependencies.

Our consultants defined the assessment scales, identified and precisely located the production sites, and characterised their activities in order to assess their level of exposure.

They collected the information needed to assess the level of prevention and protection of sites against fire and natural disaster risks, in order to guide sourcing choices and the implementation of operational improvement plans


Key figures :

1,500 suppliers

3000 production sites

1 unified assessment framework

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