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Overhaul of the certification strategy for a trade sector

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Overhaul of the certification strategy for a trade sector

The French government supports professional branches in their efforts to stay up to date with changes in jobs and skills through EDEC (Engagement Développement et Compétences – Development and Skills Commitment) schemes. In this context, a trade branch wanted to develop a tool aiming at better structuring employees’ career paths and mobility. To achieve this, several levers were defined, including a specific project dedicated to training and certification.

Based on different prospective studies, the aim was to identify the range of training courses that could meet the industry’s needs, and to review and adapt the industry’s certification strategy to meet companies’ new skills expectations.


Main achievements            


Diagnosis of the sector’s certification offering and

recommendations regarding its strategic evolution

Analysis of the current professional training offer in relation to the most in-demand jobs

Production of a map linking training courses to the jobs to which they may lead, integrated into a dynamic tool to be used by companies


Key figures :

18,000 training courses identified and mapped to meet the sector’s needs

15 certifications (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle) overhauled to meet French regulators’ expectations


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