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Reduce store fitting costs

Business Cases
Reduce store fitting costs

With a fast-growing network, our customer is looking into its practices and costs when it comes to new store development projects.


Main achievements


Program aimed at improving store renovation and fit-out project management practices


Reference projects were analyzed, benchmarked, and evaluated by building economists.

Based on this assessment, three areas of work were explored in greater depth:

– Pilot projects were monitored, with the management of calls for tender and the negotiation of direct lots, from finishing work to furniture.

– An analysis of the value of the store concept was carried out in collaboration with the architectural firm: more than 10 redesign projects were identified, with stakes ranging from 5 to 25% depending on the lot.

– The project management framework was revised to integrate these two approaches: a project purchasing approach and a more systematic value analysis approach.


Key figures :

22% cost reduction on pilot projects

13 priority projects based on value analysis

10 world regions characterized by their cost drivers

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