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Shedding light on apprenticeship and work-linked training in the retail sector

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Shedding light on apprenticeship and work-linked training in the retail sector

In tune with strong political ambitions to develop work-linked training, 18 retail branches wanted to take stock of the situation in their companies.

While work-linked training is almost a tradition in some branches, it is facing challenges in others. The aim of this mission was to assess work-linked training trends in the retail sector, identify priority issues, and pinpoint areas for improvement. This analysis was conducted not only at the sector level but also at a more granular level for key positions within each branch.

In addition to statistical analysis, the study included insights from tutors, HR managers, training organizations, as well as the young professionals engaged in work-linked training scheme.


Main results            

An analysis of apprenticeship and other work-linking contracts since 2015 to identify key trends

4 target groups surveyed online: young professionals engaged in work-linking schemes, tutors, company directors/HR managers and training centres

Interviews and surveys aiming at gathering insights from a wide array of players involved in work-linked training and comparing their points of view

A personalised analysis for each branch, helping them target priority areas of work on key jobs


Key figures :

60,000 apprentices per year in 18 retail branches

1,500 people involved in work-linked training surveyed

Fifty key jobs for the branches analysed

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